Stock Arriving Soon.

At Berwick Nissan, we know that finding your next Nissan can be hard. Stock shortages have made things complicated, but we have made things simple. Below is a list of what we have coming into stock shortly, and is more importantly - AVAILABLE! We are adding vehicles to this list as they become available, so be sure to check back. Can't see something you are looking for? That's ok - just give us a call, we may just be able to help you out!

Model Colour ETAAvailability
Juke ST-L Fuji Sunset Oct-21
Juke ST-L Gun Metallic Nov-21
Juke ST-L Pearl Black Nov-21
Juke ST Ivory Pearl Nov-21
Juke Ti Fuji Sunset Dec-21
Juke Ti Ivory Pearl Feb-22
Model Colour ETAAvailability
Xtrail STL Ruby Red Oct-21 SOLD
Xtrail STL Gun Metallic Oct-21 SOLD
Xtrail ST Ivory Pearl Oct-21SOLD
Xtrail ST 7 Diamond Black Oct-21SOLD
Xtrail TS Gun Metallic Oct-21SOLD
Xtrail 4wd STL Ivory Pearl Oct-21
Xtrail ST+ Gun Metallic Nov-21
Xtrail ST Ruby Red Nov-21
Xtrail ST Marine Blue Nov-21
Xtrail 4wd ST Ivory Pearl Nov-21
Xtrail ST+ Gun Metallic Dec-21
Xtrail ST+ Ivory Pearl Dec-21
Xtrail STL Gun Metallic Dec-21
Xtrail 7 ST Gun Metallic Dec-21
Xtrail Ti Gun Metallic Dec-21SOLD
Xtrail Ti Gun Metallic Dec-21
Model Colour ETAAvailability
Navara SLS MT White Pearl Sep-21
Navara SLS AT Twilight Grey Sep-21
Navara SC 4WD SL AT Solid White Sep-21
Navara ST AT Twilight Grey Oct-21SOLD
Navara Pro4X White Pearl Oct-21SOLD
Navara Pro4X White Pearl Oct-21
Navara SL AT Brilliant Silver Oct-21
Navara STX CN Twilight Grey Oct-21SOLD
Navara STX LN Forged Copper Oct-21SOLD
Navara STX LN Twilight Grey Oct-21SOLD
Navara Warrior Stealth Grey Nov-21
Navara Warrior White Pearl Nov-21
Navara Pro4X White Pearl Nov-21
Navara STX CN White Pearl Nov-21
Navara STX CN Solid White Nov-21
Navara STX LN Black Star Nov-21
Navara ST Twilight Grey Nov-21SOLD
Navara ST White Pearl Nov-21
Navara STX CN Solid White Nov-21
Navara Warrior Black Star Dec-21
Navara Pro4X Black Star Dec-21
Navara STX LN Twilight Grey Dec-21
Navara ST Solid White Dec-21
Navara SC 2WD SL AT Solid White Dec-21

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