Nissan Navara

If you’re looking for a powerful, hard-working pickup truck with a car-like driving experience, the all-new Nissan Navara ticks all the boxes. Charismatic, determined and incredibly muscular, this is a confident masterpiece that knows how to turn heads. World-class engines combine with 4x4 command, smart technologies and modern styling to ensure the Navara not only makes a statement but leaves a lasting impression. Ideal as a commercial vehicle but also suitable for everyday chores, this is versatility at its best.

Discover the new Nissan Navara As a marque renowned for its refined Japanese craftsmanship, Nissan knows how to turn out capable, strong yet fun-loving models. Delivering the next generation of pickup, the Nissan Navara comes in multiple body colours including White, Grey, Black, Red Brisk and Dark Blue. Large, road-gripping alloys are instantly eye-catching while chrome detailing adds a touch of class to the exterior. The raised rear load height also helps to create a dominant stance. Hop inside and you’ll also discover a robust interior complete with high-end materials and satin finishes. While the Double Cab is spacious enough, the King Cab adds an extra 215mm in length. All Navara vehicles have a maximum payload which exceeds 1,100kg.
4x4 capabilities The all-new Nissan Navara loves to explore and is unafraid of adventure. In fact, it craves that thrill-seeking lifestyle and excels on any terrain thanks to 4x4 capabilities. There are numerous drive options to choose from including 4WD High which is perfect for tackling mud and snow, as well as 4WD Low which makes cruising over sand, snow or light mud a breeze. There’s also a 2WD drive option for days when you’ll only make it to the highway.
A strong construction The Nissan Navara is fearless thanks to its ultra-strong construction. The Navara features a full-length, fully boxed ladder frame instead of the three-sided open C-shaped rails often associated with pickup off-roaders. The theory is that four sides are better than three helping to deliver a rock-solid performance.
Powerful engine options A sizable powerhouse like the Navara needs impressive engine options, which is why you’ll find turbocharged diesel and petrol solutions under the bonnet. There’s also seven-speed automatic transmission and six-speed manual transmission depending on your driving preferences and tastes.