We have a wide range of Car Care and Enhancement Products available for your new vehicle. These vehicle protection products are designed to enhance your driving experience and maintenance of your car. We can adjust the product to tailor to your needs.

Check out some of our popular Vehicle Protection & Enhancement Products below:

Cancer Council Endorsed Window Films

We are proud to offer an extensive range of maximum protection Auto Tints which have the full endorsement of the Cancer Council. The suns UV rays can be extremely damaging, and we all know the importance of sun protection against skin cancer. Car window film can help to give you and your family proper protection and a cooler, more comfortable car journey.

All Your Vehicle Protection In Place

Whether you’re looking to keep your paintwork in glossy showroom condition, want a window film for protecting against UV, heat and glare, or wanting to safeguard those interior surfaces against permanent stains…Whatever solution you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Surface Protection: Internal / External

Protektiv HYDRO surface coating is made from a high performing formula combining Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Ceramic, delivering extreme durability, hardness and a permanent super gloss finish. Protektiv HYDRO transforms the vehicle’s surfaces into super-hydrophobic coating providing a highly repellent vehicle finish.


Drive Camera Recorder

Leading features. First Class Design. One of the most discreet on the market.

A Dash cam that records every drive in full HD quality, including superior night-time vision. The device also records even while the car is parked, and comes with an advanced power management system that checks your vehicle’s battery voltage periodically, helping to save your vehicle’s battery life.

ABSOLUTE Motor Vehicle Warranty

The ABSOLUTE warranty offers comprehensive coverage that begins immediately after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. It provides unlimited claims and kilometres, ensuring peace of mind for drivers. This warranty includes coverage for both parts and labour across Australia, making it convenient for vehicle owners nationwide. Additionally, it offers accommodation and car hire allowances for added convenience during repairs. With a straightforward claims process that requires no forms, it’s hassle-free for customers. Moreover, the warranty is fully transferable, allowing for flexibility in ownership arrangements.