Nissan LEAF

Offering a new way to drive, the Nissan LEAF is one of the world’s top-selling 100% electric cars – and it’s easy to see why. With zero emissions, this is a vehicle that appeals to anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, but there’s more. The Nissan LEAF protects the environment without compromising on power, offering impressive acceleration and light handling every time you hop behind the wheel. Exciting technologies, beautiful styling and refined comfort combine to ensure the Nissan LEAF remains a confident, eco-friendly head-turner.

Discover the all-new Nissan LEAF The Nissan LEAF’s standout selling point is its electric power. But this is complemented by design elements that make the LEAF even more attractive to buyers. From the iconic floating roof to the tapered nose and distinctive blue accents, the Leaf is a visual masterpiece. Climb inside and you’ll also notice that the interior’s been crafted to perfection. With five seats and 435 litres of boot space, this is a versatile runner that offers everyday practicality.
Hassle-free charging When buying an electric vehicle, you may be wondering how easy it is to charge. The good news is, charging the LEAF is simple. It can be done via a domestic socket, or a certified Wallbox. You can also charge on-the-go at public charging stations. These can be found on major roads as well as an increasing number of petrol stations and public buildings.
Impressive range Charging is simple. But how far can the LEAF go on a single charge? Well, the standard Nissan has a range of up to 270 kilometres. Range can be extended with ECO mode which makes it possible to travel 10% further. There’s also regenerative braking which uses braking energy to recharge the battery.
Advanced technology The new Nissan LEAF makes it possible to connect to the world thanks to advanced technology systems. Infotainment systems include door-to-door navigation from TomTom, music and smartphone compatibility in the form of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Access your contacts, playlists and more for a personalised driving experience.